The Consultation Process

Every client of Tracey’s receives a comprehensive and personalised service, which will guide and support you throughout your health journey. Tracey’s approach focuses on optimising the entire metabolic system, from adrenal and hormonal health, to the balance of gastrointestinal and nervous system functioning.


During your initial consultation, all aspects of your health will be discussed including details of your medical history, diet, lifestyle and current health status in order to try and determine the root causes of any health issues you may be having. Tracey will focus on letting you tell your story, while also providing feedback based on your health intake questionnaire. Together you will agree on a proactive care plan which will be broken down into manageable steps according to your individual requirements. If you have undergone testing prior to your initial consultation, then these will be considered as part of your plan. If Tracey feels that testing is required, she will make her recommendation for such at your initial consultation. Following your initial appointment, you will receive a comprehensive therapeutic plan by email. This will include tailored nutritional advice, functional testing recommendations (as needed), informational handouts, meal ideas and recipes where relevant to best suit your needs and budget. Other therapeutic and lifestyle recommendations will also be included where appropriate.


Follow-up consultations are used to monitor progress and further develop your programme. Tracey recommends that new patients begin with a package (see below) as these involve a number of appointments which are spaced out in accordance with a strategy for implementation based on your goals and requirements. Packages also include messaging support to help you with any challenges you may face, to ensure success of your programme.



Before your appointment:

Upon confirmation of your appointment, you will receive a detailed health questionnaire to complete. This should be returned via email to at least 24hrs in advance of your initial consultation. Please also include a copy of any relevant testing you have done previously*


*Relevant tests include any recent blood, food intolerance, hormonal, gut and genetic panels.



  • Single consultation (initial -60 minutes) - £130 / (follow-up - 40 minutes) -£100

  • £350 (3 hours of clinic credit)


  • Test interpretation and analysis: Tracey is available for interpretation and analysis of tests conducted privately. This service is intended to help clients understand the meaning of results received from gastrointestinal, food intolerance, hormonal and blood panels etc. It does not include an overall metabolic assessment, nor personalised nutrition or supplement recommendations, which require an initial consultation - £100.



  • £495  (8-week)

  • £650  (12-week)

  • £895  (16-week)


You will receive:

  • Initial 60min consultation (including your comprehensive therapeutic plan)

  • Supplement recommendations (as required)

  • NHS or functional test recommendations

  • Informational handouts

  • Meal plans, recipes and shopping lists

  • Fortnightly follow-up sessions to monitor your progress

  • Updates to your therapeutic plan (as necessary)

  • Ongoing email support



Functional testing:

Unlike traditional testing which focuses on pathology, functional testing offers comprehensive panels which can combine standard and innovative biomarkers to offer a more complete picture of your individual health. Functional (and genetic) testing may also help to identify problems before potential disease or conditions have a chance to develop.


Tests that I regularly recommend include:

  • Hormonal profile: female and male hormonal panels, thyroid function and adrenal stress panels.

  • Gut and digestive function: food intolerances, IBS/IBD, Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori), small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), parasites, bacteria, viruses, toxins, gut permeability etc.

  • Nutritional profiles: vitamin and mineral analysis

  • Homocysteine

  • Fatty Acid Balance

  • Genetic testing (therapeutic plan can be tailored according to your genetic profile)

  • Behavioural health genetic profile



Where Tracey works:

  • Various London locations (please email to find out more)

  • Skype Consultations: a convenient way for both local and remote clients to engage in consultation.

  • Office visits (at an extra cost)

  • Home visits (at an extra cost)


For all bookings & enquiries, please contact 


To buy a package or to pay for your consultation, please go to our payments page here.