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Why are corporate wellbeing programmes important? –just check the stats:

  • ‘69% of employees are interested in nutrition programs, but only 43% of employers offer them.’ (American Psychological Association)


  • ‘91% of workers at companies that support wellbeing efforts say they feel motivated to do their best.’ (American Psychological Association)


  • ‘Sick staff cost British companies £77 billion annually in lost productivity’ (



Tracey regularly delivers a range of corporate seminars and workshops where she breaks down potentially complex concepts into an easy to understand format; offering practical advice towards achievable change, so that your staff can feel empowered, not overwhelmed by their health goals.



‘Tracey has a unique ability to captivate and engage her audience. I have always been apprehensive about “wellness” but the way Tracey explained everything really made sense to me and I learned a lot of practical tips to implement right away!’ -Alice S.



Topics recently delivered:

  • ‘Eat to beat the stress – Part 1 & 2’

  • ‘Nutrition for energy and resilience’

  • ‘Nutrition for the mind: how to accelerate your cognitive function in 10-easy steps!’

  • The 12-week sleep better, feel better challenge.

  • ‘Food Psychology Foundations: building a healthy relationship with food bite by bite’

  • ‘The ethics of what you eat: making the connection between environment, plate and palate’

  • The 12-week ‘Healthy Me’ challenge: total metabolic reset programme.



'A 1-hour seminar or interactive day workshop is a simple, yet effective way of looking after your employee’s wellbeing; because healthy employees = happy employees.'



Catering consultation & food design:

With her extensive culinary background and previous professional kitchen experience, Tracey is uniquely qualified to work with your chef or catering team to design a menu or healthy eating campaign that is nutritionally balanced, cost effective and most importantly delicious. She has worked with a number of restaurants and corporate catering teams to design nutritionally balanced meal plans and menus; helping businesses to meet their customers and employees with an enticing array of options which feed their wellbeing, rather than detract from it.



For more details on how Tracey can support your company wellbeing, email: