Tracey Raye is a registered Nutritional Therapist who uses her qualifications in

Psychology, Philosophy and Coaching to complement her practice. She is committed

to the application of personalised functional nutrition to assist her clients in

feeling good again – in a way that enhances, rather than restricts their lifestyle.

As a specialist in food psychology and ethical eating, she has helped many of her clients

to navigate the world of modern eating and rediscover the joy of food once again.



“You must learn a new way to think before

you can master a new way to be”

-Marianne Williamson.



Tracey currently runs a corporate and private clinic in London where her practice

centres on metabolic and gut dysfunction, mood stabilisation and improvement and

hormonal health. She also holds a special certification in eating disorders and eating distress.  She regularly delivers corporate seminars and workshops where she breaks down the latest scientific research, offering practical advice towards achievable change so that individuals can feel empowered, not overwhelmed by their health and care options.


‘It’s really important to me that people feel heard. If I can’t meet you were you are and guide you to where you wish to be in a way that is understandable, transparent and attainable; then I’m not doing my job very well. This is why I am passionate about delivering personalised nutrition and functional medicine minded solutions; using a model that recognises our similarities, but caters to our differences. Just as with the diversity of our skin, hair and eye colour, our unique metabolic and genetic make-up, as well environmental influences all dictate our nutritional requirements. After working with many clients over the years, I can confidently say that the “one size fits all” approach simply can’t and won’t work; which is why I work with my clients to build their own personalised health strategy from the ground up.’



Qualifications & Affiliations:

  • MSc Personalised Nutrition.

  • BA Psychology and Philosophy.

  • Certification in eating disorders and eating distress.

  • Life Coaching certification.

  • Registered practitioner with BANT and CNHC.

  • Member of the Institute of Functional Medicine.

  • Member of the Royal Society of Medicine.

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